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You get to select between 3 distinct price to value levels. Choose price range, Color -- reds, whites or mix, bottle count and how often.

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We taste 100's of wines and only select the best.

Unheard of Value

Winery direct prices. We work directly with growers & winery owners. We make deals with our collective (at the wineries) to bring highly valued wines to our club at or below winery direct pricing. Secret back door values only wine country insiders can get. Wines not in your corporate commercial clubs and grocery stores - just real wine country folk & wine here.

Variety & Discovery - Delivered!

Our personal relationships with over 25 different wineries (in rotation) who craft small batches from highly sought after vineyards. Allows us exclusive access, to a variety of our Regions, off the the beaten path, wines for you to discover. You will love each and every delivery!

Searching Deep

We search and source deep from the back roads; forging relationships with small family and artisan wineries for your wine club experience...

Discover a Variety of wine from california's most popular, small lot wineries - Join us!

What our club members are saying

"...the price to value from our wine deliveries has been great, nice selection good job."

Doug M. , VA.

"Thank you for the wines. It is refreshing to be able to get wines delivered from small wineries at a reasonable price: Especially your Pinot picks, OMG Anthill Farms!. Every wine has been to die for. Thanks again for your picks keep them coming!"

Cathy W. Sonoma Ca.

Thanks for the wine Chef. We particularly love the Rued Zin you sent, great price and super deliscious!

Patrick, Cotati, Ca.

(...) Everyone is over-the-moon about Region Wine Club - I've joined Garrett's wine club and am already quite impressed.  If you're a wine connoisseur, you might want to give his club a try! ...

Most fondly,Margie and LarryFounders, Teach with Africa (

After talking with Chef Adair at a wine dinner we joined the club and have experienced so many wonderful wines from Northern California. it's nice to have a club with wines from such wonderful wineries...

Lisa, San Diego Ca.

​​​"As a sommelier, it is rare to have the pleasure of working with a chef who enjoys the dialogue of creating perfect wine pairings as much as Chef Adair (...) tailoring the experience perfectly to their needs." 

Sean Meyer, Estate Sommelier Cardinale Napa, Ca.

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