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A Calling

J. Cage Cellars: Roger


For some, winemaking is a legacy. For Roger & Donna Beery and their children, it is a calling. They are a family from Austin, Texas and Colorado who were drawn to northern Sonoma County for different reasons. Their son, Conch, studied winemaking and settled here after traveling the world to learn his craft. Their daughter, Whitney, came to California to build a career in wine hospitality. Donna and Roger followed what we call their Wine-Stained Dream: a passion for Pinot Noir that turned us into wine writers, and then, eventually, winemakers. Each of us came to California seeking something different, but they shared a mutual respect for honesty and integrity in winemaking. Deciding to combine their training and talents to craft J. Cage wines. They are the Beery family. Two Generations…One Passion. We craft authentic, compelling wines. Roger, Donna, Conch and Whitney...


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