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Tasting room is a quaint corner building in the town of Glen Ellen, Ca. Their tasting room is a must visit for any wine tasting adventure.This tasting experience is elegantly casual as they sit with you in lounge atmosphere or at the dining room table in the middle of their boutique tasting room!

Some of the finest Pinot Noir in Sonoma, Ca. We love their wine and is a must try, now in our Cuvee and Grand Cru clubs.

About the owners...

Scott Rich, founder of Talisman Wines, had his first exposure to winemaking at age 6. in the home of Greek friends who made wine in their Salt Lake City basement each year. He attended graduate school in the enology program at U.C. Davis and has worked as a research enologist for both RH Phillips and Robert Mondavi. He has been winemaker at Mont St. John, Carneros Creek, and Etude, where he made highly-acclaimed Pinot Noir and Cabernet. Currently, Scott's time and energy are spent as winemaker/owner of Talisman, as well as winemaker for Moraga Vineyards in Bel Air, California. Moraga produces sought-after Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc.

Marta Rich actually has no memory of life without wine. Her father made wine in their Minnesota basement, using virtually any form of grapes or juice he could get. Yearning for warmer climes and more interesting terrain, Marta fled for the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she earned her degree in Psychology. After taking up residence in Napa Valley, Marta began an 18-year stint at Robert Mondavi. She worked her way up the ladder, first scheduling grapes during harvest and eventually running Robert Mondavi's Northern California sales team. She was well-prepared for her next tenure; 14 years as Director of Global Sales for Calera Wine Company, one of California's Pinot Noir pioneers, and now happily dedicates all her time to the role of Director of Sales & Marketing for Talisman Wines.

Together, they happily zip around in their travels, spreading the gospel of Pinot Noir to anyone who will listen. Quality, artistry, and promoting pleasure are their key objectives. In their spare time, they ski and play in the outdoors.

About the Talisman Logo:

The Talisman logo is a stylized representation of a Native American medicine wheel. The elements of the medicine wheel represent the circle of life and the four directions, reminding us of our place in the universe. The rays around the medicine wheel represent the sun, which provides energy for life on Earth and ripens grapes, allowing us to revel in the pleasures of life, including fine wine.

 Contact Talisman:

Mailing address: PO Box 1359
Glen Ellen, CA 95442
Call or Text: 707-721-1628  
Fax: 707-996-0738

Media Contact: Marta Rich 
Trade Contact: Marta Rich 




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