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Each club level is distinct in it's price to value/quality of wines selected: Handcrafted wines in every level.

All clubs start with a three bottle delivery up to a full 12 bottle case... 

  • Daily Sipper Club:Is built for you to enjoy nice wines regularly that don't break the bank. This is a entry level price point dedicated to finding quality wines that at this price point beat out regular supermarket wines every time. And we always add a bonus value bottle worth more then the average club price in all our club levels. Hand selected wines by our owner and hospitality team.
  • Cuvee Club: Is a blend of the daily sipper price to value wines with an added bonus of higher end wines from our Grand cru wines. Allowing you to enjoy wines regularly while getting more sought-after higher end wines at an average of $35 dollars a bottle. Wines for daily enjoyment and wines for a nice dinner or friends to enjoy with.
  • Grand Cru Club: Is just that the grand Cru from our winery partners these wines are aged longer, higher end grapes are used in production often relishing 91+ points and/or reserve wines. Offer a higher premium value in craftsmanship and quality.
  • Pinot Club: This club boast the best Pinot Noir from Our Region and Regions offering a glimpse into the variations and taste that fine pinot noir can take on from our different regions. These Pinot's are true hidden gems and popular cult wines from the best Pinot Noir vintner's in the Region!

What bottles are in the box?

  • If you choose "Mix" you receive 3 different wines equalling the amount of bottles you wished delivered. I.e. If you choose: 12 bottles > Mix > You receive 3 different wines x 4, These can be Rose, Reds, White and/or bubbly (mix is a mix of more than just red or white).
  • If you choose 1/2 and 1/2 you will get 1/2 Reds all the same and 1/2 whites all the same. 
  • If you choose "All Red" > 3 bottles you will get 3 different reds, 4 bottles is 2 different reds = 4 bottles, 6 Bottles is 3 different reds x's 2, and 12 bottles "all red" is 3 different wines x's 4 bottles = your case of 12 wines.
  • The same is true for the "All Whites" selections with Reds. 
  • Minimum delivery is 3 bottles. 
  • Our personal relationship with our winery collective allows us to deliver a variety of high end wines at different price points in rotation. Our boutique wineries typically craft less than 500 cases for any one vintage. And we dedicated to finding you the best wines, offering you a chance to enjoy wines that are not in stores, and hard to find -- unless you live in our Region and are able to go to the wineries regular. We do the work for you and go to each winery curated and collecting wines for our club members. Bring wine country home and lets build a cork pile together!
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