California Family Wine Club - The Collective

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Members: Benefits, Shipping & Personal Options.

  • Free to join: Just the cost of wine and delivery - Just choose your color, delivery frencency, and bottle count.
  • Get exclusive email coupons & unheard of discounts on award winning California wines  for member only discounts.
  • Wine at your convenience: when you want it, how many you want and color mix.
  • Quarterly winery events, winemaker dinners and field trips... Club members only.
  • 10% off dining experiences from Chef Adair & Co.
  • Free Napa Sonoma wine tourist concierge - $200 value for non-members
  • Free party and food pairing advice via email or phone from Chef Adair, personally.
  • All RWC subscribers enjoy already discounted winery direct pricing, no middleman straight from the wineries - to us and you! We actually go to the wineries for exclusive buyer deals.
  • Free tastings and 10% off bottle purchases at our participating winery partners tasting rooms. We can set up free concierge for a wine tour based on The collective.
  • Your own personal account: Cancel, skip or pause anytime no questions, emails, or calls.
  • *We are new so we are only shipping to Ca. Residence, but have the paperwork processing and will be shipping to more states this year! So don't spam us yet... we are growing!
  • Never drink a glass you don't love again!
  • Hand selected wines specially priced for RWC members only!
  • How it works: 1) choose your color. 2) How many bottles. 3) Delivery frequency. 4) Get your wines!

    How we select bottle count for the reds & whites:
    3 bottles = 3 different wines (most popular).
    4 bottles = 2 different wines x 2.
    6 bottles = 3 different wines x 2 (i.e. 6 different wines).
    12 bottles = 3 different wines x 4.
    For ½ & ½, red & white mix:
    3 bottles = not available.
    4 bottles = 2 different wines x 2 = 4 bottles.
    6 bottles = 6 different wines, 3 from red & 3 from white (very popular).
    12 bottles = 3 different wines x 4.

  • We do not buy bulk wine and bottle it like our competitors. We seek out only artisan craftsman wine by small producers.

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